Thursday, July 14, 2011


Two things. First, I realize updates are slow. That's just the way this blog's going to work. Unless I have rant ideas, or exciting news, I'm not going to post anything. Sorry if you were looking for something more regular.

Second, I have exciting news, if only in that it got my adrenaline pumping. I took a friend of mine to the hospital on Saturday after he seized up driving down the highway. That was scary. He's alright, thankfully. Turns out exercising every day when you're not used to exercising isn't the best idea. That'll teach him to try and take care of himself.

I also had an interesting talk with my friend's dad while we were keeping him company. I'm an atheist, and he's a devout Christian of the most commendable sort. Both of us are of at least average intelligence (probably more, at least in his case), and we're civilized folk. That makes for some very interesting religious discussions. We agreed on a good many things, and never once raised our voices. My favorite part was the part where we both drew strength from staring into the heavens, but for completely different reasons. For him, it was because he knew that God walked beside him and that everything would eventually turn out alright. For me, it was because of the pure majesty of the universe, exploding stars and gravity wells fitting together like clockwork to create everything that is, was, and ever shall be. It was a good talk.

I'll leave you with some food for thought: which God would you rather believe in, the one who answers prayers but allows genocide, or the one who grants us nothing at all? Personality, I like the God who doesn't answer prayers. I imagine him as a father-figure, wanting to solve all his children's problems but knowing that if he does they'll never have the chance to grow. I could almost believe in a religion that preached that.

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